Delicious Dolls Magazine, Standford WA Pinup Shoot

The Pinup Garage setting has always been my favorite. I was incredibly excited to be at Cold Rolled Custom with Little Sexy Pinup Photography in Stanford Washington on a rainy Saturday to do a photoshoot for the Delicious Dolls Magazine.

I am based in Denmark, but half my family lives in Washington, so I had a great time catching up with them, hiking and also doing Pinup.

Of course hiking and being outdoorsy, while preserving newly done French nails, because you have a photo shoot in a few days, was tough, but I felt real fancy in the forest.

Sending love with this pinup set, and thanks to Delicious Dolls for publishing some of our images.

August 2016 Issue

Delicious Dolls, August 2016 Issue

Delicious Dolls, August 2016 Issue



I set out to do something, and a lot of people I was counting on told me it’d be really difficult, but hey, what’s new! I did try and hit a huge bump today. You would think that’d I’d be prepared for disappointment, but perhaps I’m just stubbornly hopeful.

This time I just gave myself the time to cry, to feel it. Felt that I would break entirely if I marched on and faced any other form of failure today.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!

Seattle, Road Trippin’

Driving back from Seattle area, after a photoshoot with @LittleSexyPinup.  Loved the time we had in and around Seattle. It’s a city I definitely could, and hope/plan to spend more time in.

By the Window

Photographed by Jakob Boie
Photographed by Jakob Boie

Photographed by Jakob Boie

The light was filtering through the dirty windows of the abandoned attic of what once was the courthouse. The floor was coming apart, covered in debris and insulation, and there was an eerie stillness, in a building I pass often but that is normally locked up and abandoned.

We found our way up through the rubble to create photo art.

Photos by Jakob Boie

Christmas, 2015, I had the opportunity to model Fatima’s back Santa hat, for their website. They are one of my favorite, local, Roskilde shops, with such a neat variety of goth and speciality items.

Check out their website at the link below: